E V O L V E  P S Y C H O T H E R A P Y  L A  is a private psychotherapy practice specializing in sex & relationship therapy in Downtown Los Angeles. 


Services are offered for men, women, gender diverse & couples.  Concerns treated include:


stress, anxiety, Low Mood

dating & relationships

sexual dysfunction

pornOGRAPHY/sex addiction


sexual traumA


couples & sex, trust, communication

non-traditional & alternative lifestyle(s)

kink, fetish, bdsm friendly




For MeN

Today’s man has a lot on his plate. The truth is, you absolutely deserve to feel confident and present, to have sexual experiences you desire, to embrace meaningful and intimate relationships and to enjoy a satisfying state of freedom.  We can take a results-oriented approach to address your concerns that are blocking you from your full potential!

For woMeN

Women often face invalidating experiences throughout development that can instill false ideas that she is not worthy enough of love, that she needs a partner to validate her value or that sex is shameful.  I am fully available, open and committed to helping you work through these limitations and supporting you through your exploration of self!

FOR couples

Relationships are deeply fulfilling and a major cornerstone of life.  Relationships teach us about ourselves and satisfy our deep yearning and desire for love and connection. Whatever your goals are as a couple, I can help you both get there!

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I'm a licensed psychotherapist and the owner & founder of Evolve Psychotherapy LA.  My mission is to promote sexual and relational health & well-being and for each individual to reach their sexual potential and experience sexual fulfillment.   

I work with individuals and couples and treat stress, anxiety and low mood as well as address sex and sexuality matters on the continuum.  This includes dating/relationship concerns (i.e. recent break-up/divorce, dating insecurity, unfulfilled love life, drama in current relationship), sexual dysfunction (i.e. erectile concerns, performance anxiety, inability to orgasm, pain during sex), compulsive sexual behaviors (i.e. porn/sex addiction, serial affairs) and recovery from sexual trauma.  I also work with couples on issues related to sex, trust & communication.

I am very passionate about mental, emotional, relational and sexual health!  It is my aim to help you recover from where you are and move you into a state of empowerment and aliveness.  Please feel free to reach out for further information on how I may be of service for you or to schedule an appointment.  You also have an option to book online if you're ready to schedule an appointment now. 


E-mail: info@evolvepsychotherapyla.com

Call or Text: (213) 640-7521

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